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How to bond with your baby

How to bond with your baby

under 9 months

Bonding is a natural part of parenthood and plays an important role in the growth of your child. In fact, how you interact with your baby during their first year supports their future physical, emotional, and cognitive development.

But bonding doesn’t always come naturally. At first, it might feel unnatural or awkward. But with a little patience and some new ideas, you can start making meaningful connections that will last a lifetime.

  • Hold your baby in your arms and make eye contact. Show your baby a bright toy. When it catches your baby's eye, slowly move the object. While you are cuddling and playing with your newborn, your baby is learning to visually track moving objects.
  • Lay on the floor with your baby and place them on their stomach for about 1 or 2 minutes. Shake a rattle or use your voice to get your baby's attention. When she lifts their head to see you, gently clap or cheer encouragement. This bonding activity helps your baby connect with you while it simultaneously works the muscles in her neck, back, and stomach.

Make cute photos with your newborn, upload to the App. Write some words about your feelings to the baby.

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