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Develop your baby's speaking skills

Develop your baby's speaking skills

4 months

Think your baby's sounds are adorable at 4 months? - Just wait until they come out the other side of a burst of language development between 4 and 7 months!

Your baby's language ability will go from coos and the occasional babble to the full-on sounds and consonants that form the building blocks of communication.

  • Babbling. most babies start to babble around 4 months. They'll use their voice to experiment with sounds, all of which will sound like gibberish to you. They'll also raise and lower their pitch, almost like they're having a conversation with you. Still, some babies will begin adding consistent sounds to their babbling, such as "ba-ba" or "da-da," around 7 months.
  • Responsive Sounds Your baby will also start making sounds in response to the sounds that you make, and vice versa. Babies really enjoy a good conversation with their mom, even if neither understand what is being said. Through this interaction with you, your baby will learn the sounds and syllables of speech, helping their develop to the point that they can use words at about the 1-year mark.
  • Noises to Express Wants Babies also start to make different noises to communicate different messages during this age range. Your baby is learning that their sounds can cause a reaction, and they will start using those sounds to get attention from you when you're busy doing something else. They might even start "talking" to their favorite teddy bear or their own reflection.
  • Name Recognition Your little one will soon start to recognize frequently used words. Still, most babies can recognize their name by 6 months old.

Make photos of your conversations with the little one, upload to the App. Write how he/she communicates with you.

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