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Large boxes

Large boxes

9 months

Playing with large cardboard boxes can be a lot of fun for your little one!

This activity will help your baby learn the concept of "small-big", "depth", various shapes and sizes, spatial recognition and understand the size of his/her body.

You'll need:

  • several large cardboard boxes;
  • several large transparent plastic boxes;
  • several toys.

Now you can arrange various games, for example:

  • hide the toys in the boxes and under them, then look for the toys;
  • put the boxes on your head and say: "Cuckoo!"
  • put smaller boxes into the bigger ones;
  • put the toys into the boxes, then pour them out;
  • put the boxes on your back as if you were¬†tortoises;
  • hide Mom and Dad in large boxes and close them, etc.

Invent your own funny games with the boxes!

Make photos of the process, upload to the App. Add some words about the experience and your impressions.

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