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Vocal Intonation

Vocal Intonation

Parents in the first year of a baby's life will need acting talent. Play with your child, change your voice according to the game. This will help your child develop.

under 9 months

Babies recognize their mother's voice even before birth. From the moment they're born, their mother becomes more and more important to them. At 5-6 months, babies already begin to consciously react to intonation, and associate it with the content of speech. All this suggests that parents in the first year of life need to pay special attention to what they talk about and how they speak. This is where acting talent comes in handy.

If the doll is dancing, mom happily says "La-la-la!" If the doll falls, mom exclaims: "Bang!" The doll is in pain, it must be pitied - mother sympathetically says: "Lyalya bo-o-flno, Lyalya ah-ah-ah." You can act these scenarios out, and it’ll be understandable and enjoyable for kids any age.

Play with your baby, sing a song and nursery rhymes in different voices, read fairy tales and poems with expression! This will help their psycho-emotional development.

Take a photo of your baby while playing, upload the photo to the app. Write briefly about how your games are going.

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