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Describe in one word

Describe in one word

You can entertain any child with this simple, but interesting word game. It’s not only fun, but educational.

5 to 8 years

Play "Describe in one word”, an easy and entertaining word game, with your child. The rules are simple: an adult describes something, and a child names it it one generalizing or defining concept, and the word must be an adjective.

For instance:

  • rubber boots - Squeaky;
  • mushroom soup - Tasty;
  • coffee cup - Hot;
  • fish cutlets - Smelly;
  • Rabbit tail - Fluffy - and so on.

This game can be played on a walk, on a trip, or any time your child’s bored. The game develops intellectual abilities, memory and ingenuity.

Let us know if your child liked playing this game.

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