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Play a shopping roleplay game with your kid

Play a shopping roleplay game with your kid

5 to 8 years

Your kid will surely like this activity!

You can play with the whole family, changing the role during the process.

Try to move away from the traditional food shop set up and try a new theme each week. For example, you can make a shoe shop.

Just stack the shelves neatly with slippers and dress up shoes, add a couple of shoe measuring tools (you can also use a ruler instead).

Offer your kid to write names and shoe sizes - it will be beneficial for his/her writing skills.

Use some real money for teaching your little one to count them, or just draw some. In the form of a game you will manage to teach your kid counting to 20, add and subtract. The skills your kid gets playing the role play are beneficial in real life.

Make photos of the process, upload to the App. Write about your kid's impressions and new skills.

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