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Play the game "Field of Dreams"

Play the game "Field of Dreams"

from 9 months to 1 year 6 months

To play this beneficial game you'll need:

  • a round tray;
  • different pictures (animals, vegetables, fruits, etc.);
  • a Scotch tape;
  • scissors.

Cut out bright pictures of animals, fruits, vegetables, buildings, etc. from old magazines
Attach the pictures to the tray's edge.
Put the tray next to your little one, offer him/her to rotate the tray.
Wait until the tray stops. Then choose the nearest picture and describe it to your baby - name it, name the color, shape, etc. If it is an animal, imitate the sounds it makes.
Rotate the tray again!
Play the game while your little one likes it!

Make photos of your happy baby, upload to the App. Write about the process and your baby's impressions.

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