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Playing with verbs

Playing with verbs

5 to 8 years

Don't know how to entertain the little one on long trips and in queues? - Offer your kid to play this funny developing game!

The activity develops mental abilities and speech, improves the vocabulary, helps them learn verbs.


The first player (you) asks the second player what to do somewhere or in the specific situation, for example:

  • what to do in the forest (walk, run, jump, sing, listen to birds singing....);
  • what to do near the river (swim, dive, throw stones to the river…);
  • what to do with flowers (smell, water, admire…).

Ask questions so that your kid has to use various verb tenses.

Then change roles.

Make photos of the process, upload to the App. Write briefly about the experience and whether your kid liked it.

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