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Watering place

Watering place

3 to 5 years

Play an interesting game with your kid, that will allow him/her to learn a lot about the world around and to expand their vocabulary.


  • bowl with warm water;
  • pebbles;
  • figures of different animals (birds, fishes, mammals, etc.).

  1. Pour some warm water into the bowl, and put your pebbles in - it will be your pond/sea/river.
  2. Sit with your kid on the floor, place the bowl and the toy animals close to him/her.
  3. Tell your kid that animals (as people) need water to live - and they also have to drink.
  4. They look for the appropriate watering place - demonstrate the process with your toys and the bowl.
  5. Show your kid which of the toy figures can swim, which ones live in water, etc.
  6. Offer your little one to give water to the animals, explain his/her actions and name the figures.

Let your kid play for a while.

Make photos of the process, upload to the App. Write whether he/she liked the game.

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