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Your baby's speech development

Your baby's speech development

under 9 months

As part of their language development, your baby will express themselves in many ways.

For example, they might:

  • make eye contact with you;
  • say ‘ah goo’ or another combination of vowels and consonants;
  • copy some of the sounds and gestures you make, like coughing, laughing, clicking or making ‘raspberries’;
  • play with making different sounds – for example, ‘aaieee’, ‘booo’, ‘ahh’ at varying (sometimes earsplitting!) pitches and volumes.

It’s amazing how much your baby understands already – they're listening and learning all the time, as they make sense of the world!

Make cute photos with the little one, upload to the App. Write about his/her attempts to communicate with you.

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