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Developing playing

Developing playing

3 to 5 years

Once you've survived the terrible twos, you can expand the types of games and activities that you can do with your 3-5-year-old. At this stage, children are like sponges, absorbing everything around them.

Kids need a mix of physically and intellectually stimulating games that keep them learning and engaged. For a few ideas of things you can try with your child, here are some recommendations:

Red Light, Green Light

Classic, active games that you can play indoors or out are great for little ones. Red Light, Green Light is an old favorite. One person acts as the traffic light. When he says Green, everyone races towards him. Everyone has to stop the moment he yells Red, or else they have to take two steps back. The first person to touch the traffic light becomes the new one. This game fosters healthy physical and socio-emotional development.

Building Together

Building activity teaches kids how to work well with other kids. You can use building blocks, Legos, dominos, or Lincoln Logs.

Wall Art

Building a masterpiece is another neat way to stimulate creativity and promote hand-eye coordination. Tape large pieces of butcher paper or poster board to the wall and offer your kids to draw shapes, faces or inventive designs. This is both a cognitive and physical activity.

Invent your own developing games with your little one!

Make cute photos with your kid, upload to the App. Write about the games you play together.

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