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Listen to nursery rhymes with your baby!

from 9 months to 1 year 6 months

Nursery rhymes we know today come from European folk lore, for the most part, British (English speaking) folk lore.

Their origins had a number of purposes before the average household had books or were literate.

Some had hidden political messages from times that to actually speak ill of or make fun of the ruling class could have dire consequences; some commemorated historical events; some were devised to teach children a lesson or moral; some were used for their sing song rhythms to soothe a baby or to interact with a toddler to make them smile and laugh.

Listening to the songs, rhymes and music, don't forget about the following rules:

 • Musical compositions should be melodic and easy

 • The music shouldn't  be loud. Loud music can hurt your baby.

 • Don't use headphones with your little one!

 • Listening to music, consider the time of day. In the morning you can listen to fun and fast songs, and in the evening - slow and quiet. Lullabies are the best decision for sleeping time.

Make a photo of your baby listening to their favorite rhymes, upload it to the App and add some words about you little one's preferences and behaviour while listening to the songs and rhymes!


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