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Emotional and psychic development

Emotional development for preschoolers begins at birth and is closely connected with the development of intelligence, physical development and the conditions of socialization

Influencing the mental development of a child has many factors. The child is growing, their knowledge is growing, and they are becoming more complicated, their intellect is developing, all new needs are emerging, a special attitude towards the world around them is being formed. This develops a personality, and determines the emotional intelligence of the child.

The peculiarities of the mental development of children are manifested at different stages of growing up and reflect the general changes in the personality of toddlers at one age or another. The mental development of the child does not always go smoothly - calm periods are replaced by stormy periods.

There are several stages in the mental development of a young child. The mental development of a child up to a year old is due to the formation of motor functions. The first emotional reactions of the child demonstrate their movements, responding to a change of weather or comfort level, and external stimuli. Emotions so far have a rather reflex reaction, although the kid already smiles at mom during the first months of life, and by half-a-year shows emotions at the sight of their favorite toys.

Feelings are fully manifested about a year (from 9-10 months the baby begins to be jealous and surprised) and dictates the mental development of children of 2 years. And from the age of 3 begins the development of the emotional sphere of preschool children. During this period there is a development of will and the first manifestations of stubbornness. This is the so-called crisis of three year olds, which requires a lot of patience from parents.

The mental development of a child is the most important part of education and learning. The program of emotional development for children includes a large complex of activities and exercises. Playing is of great importance for the emotional development of preschool children. Do the exercises in the Wachanga application to help your child have normal mental development.

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