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Listen to classical music with your kid!

under 9 months

It is now well-known that unborn babies can feel, touch, see, hear and experience other sensations while in the womb. However, the senses of sound and touch are the most sensitive during this stage of development. Both speech and music can be used to stimulate the baby's auditory environment.

Not only does music affect us emotionally, but research has also shown that it can influence heart rates and blood pressure too.

Newborns and babies should listen to the classical music for about 1 hour per day.

The complex composition of classical music is thought to be particularly good for stimulating babies. The high-pitched sound of strings and other orchestral instruments can be most clearly heard in the womb and also by newborns and so classical music for babies can be especially beneficial for stimulating the development of neural pathways in their brains.

Don't use headphones for your little ones!

Make a photo of your baby listening to the music and upload it to the App.

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