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Family is the basis of education for any child. That's why in the Wachanga application, family activities are given special attention. After all, the role of the family in the upbringing of children is not only to give the child the skills and tools necessary for adult life, but also practice in socialization. Family and family education teach the child feel, experience, rejoice and love. Their personality is formed from the family, making them capable of giving the world and its inhabitants something new and beautiful.

Education in a modern family is very different from how they brought up today's parents in their families. Although grandmothers take part in the upbringing process, many families prefer to listen not to traditional methods, but to progressive ones, which give the child more freedom. Therefore, it becomes especially important not to distance yourself from the baby; be their friend and always close with them.

A family for a child is the first of many "worlds" it is part of after birth. The family, first of all, participates in moral education, physical education, and with family, their character, will power, spiritual foundations and principles are formed.

Education in the family can not be reduced to a simple set of activities or exercises. But Wachanga provides an opportunity to find common interests and to become closer to each other, to feel love and devotion, and also aids in something very important - the spiritual upbringing of the family.

Raising a preschool child in a family is a complex, lengthy process that requires special attention from the parents. Try this class so you don’t miss any important information.

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