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Developing creativity in children is not only creative abilities. This ability to think and solve problems in non-standard ways, a broad view of the world, self-confidence and flexibility in communication. In creative children, one can observe higher intellectual abilities, they are better in school and university and more often succeed.

How to develop creativity in children? It is possible at any age. There is a special method for developing creativity in children of primary school age, but this work begins during their early years.

The creative development of preschool children is based on drawing and modeling, appliqu├ęs and games with various models. In such activities, the fantasies and imagination of the child - the basis of creativity - are fully manifested.

Pay attention to the games and creative activities your child takes part in. In the Wachanga app you will find hundreds of ideas for creative, useful crafts, lessons for developing the creative abilities of preschoolers. In our program for creative development of children - find different techniques and materials, progressive techniques and traditional methods of education.

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