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Pick up natural materials!

Pick up natural materials!

from 1 year 6 months to 3 years

In the last warm and sunny days of summer, take a walk with the kids to the park, to the forest or spend time at the river or at the city lake.Walking there, pick various natural material that can be used to play and to make different handicrafts:

  • Leaves, twigs, spikelets, flowers, buds, fir-needles can be used for crafts - decorative paintings, pannos, postcards, notepads and bookmarks. • You can make a bouquet of beautiful branches and flowers and put it in the vase.
  • Smooth flat stones can be painted with gouache and varnished. Colored stones you can put into a transparent vase and decorate the interior.
  • You can collect shells, pieces of glass, feathers, nuts, acorns, pine cones - all these come in handy for your creativity!

Activity picture for Pick up natural materials! in Wachanga

Make photos of the materials you've picked up, upload to the App. Add some words about the process and write some words about the interesting things you've found.

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