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Draw a picture in "grattage" technique!

Draw a picture in "grattage" technique!

5 to 8 years

Let's draw a picture in "grattage" technique. The word "grattage" comes from the French "gratter" - to scrub, to scrape, so another name of the technique is "a technique of scrapes".

You will need:

  • Heavy paper or paperboard;
  • Watercolor paints or wax crayons;
  • Candle;
  • Black gouache paint or black ink;
  • Any liquid detergent (shampoo).


  • Cover the piece of paper or paperboard with wax crayons of different color . The layer of wax crayons have to be thick! The only color that should not be used is black. If you do not have wax crayons, use watercolors. Cover the paper with watercolors, let it dry, then rub the paper with a candle. Finally you should get a colored sheet of paper covered with a thick layer of wax.
  • In black mascara or gouache add some liquid soap or shampoo, mix well and cover the paper sheet prepared by the mixture (liquid soap helps apply paint evenly). Let the paint or mascara dry completely.
  • And now the fun part! Scratch out with any sharp object (such as a toothpick or a knitting needle) a picture. You'll see a pattern of colored strokes on a black background!

Take photos of the process and make a collage. Upload it to the App. Write wether your kid liked it!

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