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Learn primary and secondary colors with your kid

Learn primary and secondary colors with your kid

5 to 8 years

Playing with paints of different colors is both a greatly fun and beneficial activity!

Explain to your kid that there are 3 primary colors – yellow, red and blue. Ask your kid, what would you do if you only have 3 colors – blue, yellow, and red? If your child doesn't suggest mixing colors together, suggest this in the form of a question. What do they think would happen if two "primary" colors were mixed together? Explain which colors are primary colors and explain the whole sequence of mixing colors to get more colors.

Ask what colors it would take to make green, orange, and violet. Demonstrate one of the steps of painting circles and adding more dots of color to create a secondary color.

Thus, the secondary colors can be created by mixing the primary colors together:

  • yellow + blue = green;
  • yellow + red = orange;
  • blue + red = purple.

  • Paint with your three yellow circles on their paper.
  • Next wash off, in the water, the brush and then add a dot of red paint to the first yellow circle and brush it around.
  • Discuss with your kid what has happened. Increase the number of dots and brush it around on each of the other circles.
  • Discuss how the number of red dots on the yellow circles creates different colors.
  • Compare and contrast between yellow-orange, orange and red-orange. Place the paintings on a flat surface or hanging line to dry. You may need to clean your brushes at this point.
  • Begin with a blank sheet of paper again. Pass out some blue paint. This time make large circles with the blue paint. Repeat the process by adding red to these circles. Ask similar questions and continue the discussion on what is happening with the different number of dots added to the blue paint. Hang these sheets up and begin the process over again with the red paint.
  • Finally, ask your kid to paint a picture having only 3 primary colors and mixing them to get the secondary ones.

Make photos and upload the collage to App. Add some words about the process and about your impressions!

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