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Intellectual development

Children’s intelligence is complex, but at the same time a very flexible organism. Absorbing information like a sponge, kids quickly pick up new knowledge and skills, while their brain needs constant stimulation. Make sure to be aware of this, even if your long term goal isn’t to raise a genius.

Why help develop your child’s intellect? Mental abilities in many ways predetermine your child’s path in life. The greater the child's ability to think, the more chances they will have in the future. At the earliest stages of formation, a close connection between the child's intellect and speech is important; it forms the conditions for the child's socialization.

A child's intelligence level is the foundation of their self-confidence, the opportunity to receive more from life, to see the world brighter and wider. A sharp mind also contributes to the development of the imagination, and this goes hand-in-hand with the creative development of your child.

How do you help develop your child’s intelligence? Methods of developing thinking, and ways of developing intelligence are different. They take into account the development of the intelligence of children and include several areas, including the development of logical thinking, but first of all - the conditions and opportunities to improve their memory. In the Wachanga application you will find a variety of exercises for the development of thinking, and memory training for preschool children. Your kid will enjoy classes in a simple and accessible form, games to help develop their intelligence that take into account the memory characteristics of children at different stages of their life.

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