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Help your little one make their first collection!

Help your little one make their first collection!

3 to 5 years
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Kids can acquire stuff to play with and soon to be discarded - or they can collect. And as a collector it just makes us smile when they take an interest and develop that collecting passion. As budding collectors they start to develop life skills early - money management, how to take care of their treasures and it's not uncommon for a bit history lessons to be thrown in. Best of all they don't even realize they are learning so much! You'll soon discover that kids can be drawn to all sorts of items, not necessarily just toys, comics and characters. Like an adult, it's not uncommon for a kid to be interested across the board and collect about anything!

Here are tips to help your youngsters become collectors:

  • Please don't make kids keep the stuff Mint in the Box. What kind of fun is that? As a kid why bother to collect if you can't enjoy it, if you can't open it up, display it and play with it. I still don't keep things in the box, as I want to see the piece, not the box. It's pretty hard to get excited about a cardboard box.
  • Start telling the youngsters when they are old enough to know they can't touch without permission, but be sure to encourage to look/touch items by asking permission. Give them a few dollars to hold and spend so they can make their own decision on what to buy.
  • Ask other collectors to "share" their items with the kids by giving them a tour of the collection and allowing them to touch (carefully) and ask questions.
  • It's important for a young collector to learn how to take care of their stuff. It may not be Mint in the Box, but it still needs to be properly taken care of. The Internet is great for them to learn about keeping stuff out of direct sunlight, how to clean it, the best ways to store and display the treasures.
  • When the kids start getting interested in collecting a particular item, find out if a club exists for their new passion. Although a local organization would be best, many organizations are now online. Find out if they accept younger members and more about their shows and conventions.
  • It would be nice to have your kids or grandkids interested in your collection, but that doesn't always happen. If they have expressed an interest, perhaps you can share some duplicates or extras. Beside the pleasure you get from sharing, wouldn't it be nice to know there is someone to pass your treasures onto, someone that will cherish them as much as you do? Even if the youngster isn't a family member, giving an extra or two is a great way to share your love with a budding collector.

Activity picture for Help your little one make their first collection! in Wachanga

Make photos of your kid's collection and uploadĀ the collageĀ to the App. Write briefly about the collection and your kid's impressions!

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