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Craft an ABC book

Craft an ABC book

5 to 8 years

Offer your kid to make his/her own ABC book - it will help your child learn letters, enrich their vocabulary and even learn how to read.
You'll need:

  • an album with thick sheets;
  • magazines, newspapers;
  • photos;
  • scissors, glue.

Ask your kid to make photos of various things with names starting with the appropriate letter.
Your kid can also find suitable pictures on the Internet, old magazines and newspapers.
Write a letter on each sheet of your ABC book:

Activity picture for Craft an ABC book in Wachanga

You'll need much time to make the whole book - don't hurry, enjoy the process over the course of several months.
Make photos of your kid making the ABC book, upload to the App. Write about the process and your impressions.

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