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Play checkers with kids!

Play checkers with kids!

5 to 8 years
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Checkers is one of the most exhilarating games that people have played at least once in their lives, and would love their children to play too.

But have you ever wondered as a parent that if you could allow your children to get more involved in this game, that this simple game can be part of their education, too?

Quite surprising but very practical, this game definitely contributes and plays a vital role in educating your child and teaching them important skills in life.

Making your children play checkers definitely equips them with pre-math skills and helps them to perform better when they do their regular math. Some of the advantages that are gained from this game are:

Logical thinking: the game definitely involves a lot of logical thinking because every person or player needs to think before moving his dice, such that he has to make sure that his opponent does not defeat him in the game. This is how he has to think before every step he makes because he is not going to get a second chance.

Color coordination: this is definitely one of the most vital points that children should learn when they play the game, because color coordination leads to disciplined action along with integration of various elements.

Directions: children will definitely know the various actions or movements such as forward, backward and down movements which are very important for them when they do their regular math. Creating a sense of direction is one of the most important points in child development.

Reasoning: inducing reasoning skills among children is definitely one of the most vital points while your child develops, and this reasoning skill contributes a lot into their living and lifestyle. The game needs a lot of reasoning skills so that the player thinks before they take a single step which directly applies to one's decision-making in life.

Interaction: it is not only important to read and learn written text inside books, but there is a lot of socializing needed among children to know how life goes and how to make friends. A game like this definitely needs two players to play, and this way your kids will know how to interact with other player and play with coordination.

Taking defeat: this might look very small, but is one of the most vital points that children should learn today as taking defeat is not a small thing and children might overreact to these situations. A game like checkers will definitely teach them how to take defeat sportingly and not to worry but play again and try harder.

These skills are absolutely important for preschool students and others who are slightly behind their classmates in academics and grasping capabilities. The educational components in checkers certainly are not tangible, but bring in a lot of valuable information.

Create a tradition of playing checkers with kids and other family members at least once a week, and you will find that your kid will be fond of the game very soon!

Make a photo of your traditional home checkers championship and upload to the App. Add some words about the process, your impressions and whether your child likes the game!

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