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Sing your baby a lullaby

under 9 months

Lullabies are really needed by babies. Although he or she still does not understand the words that mom sings, the melody and the sound of their mother's voice soothes and lulls the little one.

Babies hear their mother's voice still in utero, and when the mother sings a song - it helps the baby feel that their mother is close, they have a sense of security. Kids whose mothers sang lullabies grow up as calm, harmonious and self-confident people, they build better social relationships and create tight-knit families. Kids are even less likely to get sick than those who have never heard mommy's lullabies.

Take a picture of your baby listening to Mom's lullaby and upload it to the App. Add some words - what lullaby Mom is singing, how you baby reacts, etc

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