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Arrange a tea ceremony at home!

5 to 8 years

The autumn is slushy, gray and cold ... It's high time to gather with kids at home and warm up with fragrant tonic tea!

Tell kids about the tea ceremony and prepare together everything necessary for its implementation. You will need: a red carpet (or a quilt), a low table, dim lights and soft quiet music.

Special utensils are also requied. Tea connoisseurs know that in a small clay teapot the tea can show its quality better. The tea cups should be chosen with a white interior (to see the color of the drink) and small in size. In a real tea ceremony a special tea pair - a high cup called vensyabey and a drinking cup called chabey - is used.

Water for brewing should be clean and fresh. Black tea is brewed by boiling water, the other tea sorts - by water at 175-195 F.

The steps of the tea ceremony:

  • Warm up the tea pot and cups, showering them with boiling water. This will make your tea more fragrant and rich. Dry the pot and cups.
  • Shake and put the tea leaves into the teapot. The amount depends on the tea sort. On average - a teaspoon per cup.
  • Fill the teapot with a hot water by one-third. This water is not for drinking - it just washes away the dust from the tea leaves!
  • Fill the tea pot with hot water for the second time. This time your tea pot should be full with hot water. Brew it 2 to 10 minutes (depends on the tea sort).
  • Now you can enjoy the taste and aroma of the tea!

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