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Photos of your walking baby

from 9 months to 1 year 6 months

Don’t worry if you’re not a professional photographer - you don’t need to be one to take beautiful and priceless pictures of your baby.

Don’t worry about the flash settings on your camera and phone, or the complex settings to change the lighting or saturation. As long as there’s daylight, you’ll get amazing pictures with the help of natural lighting, no matter if you’re using a disposable camera, smartphone, or a top-of-the-line, professional camera.

Would you prefer shooting outside? Try to take your photos during what professionals call the Magic Hour, which is usually the first hour after sunrise or the last two hours before sunset. The light is softer and warmer, shadows are more dramatic, and everyone will definitely look beautiful – especially your baby.

Upload to the App the best photos of your baby walking in the nearest park, yard or even in the forest, add some words about these moments.

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