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Memorable moment

Children grow up very quickly. And I want to remember every moment of their childhood, every holiday and milestone in their development - the first tooth, the first step, the first meter on the bicycle, the last diaper.

Collect memorable moments together with Wachanga to preserve your own impressions and emotions, to capture the lovely embarrassments of your children. After all, memories, preserved since childhood, are able to evoke the biggest smiles in us.

Childhood memories are not only in photographs, but also your notes, and your children's crafts. With Wachanga you can save memorable moments in a convenient form and free of charge. At the same time, Golden status will give you even more features and will protect you and your family from losing any data when you’re ready to upgrade your phone.

Lessons from Wachanga’s category "Memorable Moments" also help you form memories in beautiful formats and suggest what exactly and when you need to capture them so as not to regret missing it later.

We know perfectly well that the value of childhood memories can not be measured. And the moments of the highest joy and happiness that children give are difficult to recapture.

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