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Make a photo of your child!

under 9 months

Infant Photography is among the most priceless treasures of family memories.

There are few things more remarkable than reminiscing about how far someone has come in life. After all, no matter where someone may end, up, everyone has started from the same place: as a helpless, tiny, 8lb~ person.

Here are a few tips to help you sort out your first Infant Portraiture session:

  • Photograph babies as often as possible, as they change very quickly!
  • Work with available light: If possible, shoot in an area that will not have challenging variables with light. Set up next to a window, or use strobes positioned and tested before you begin
  • Determine the importance of surroundings: Some families want portraits of the Infant in “natural” contexts. On the parent's bed. On a blanket in front of the couch. Sometimes they want to achieve a more “Anne Gedes” look in painstakingly set scenes with special props. Or, the look may be a simple studio backdrop with beautiful lighting. Know ahead of time. You will organize and plan your entire shoot based on this information.
  • Watch Details: Face shots, toes, fingers holding a blanket – all these details are important aspects of your documentation. Use them to add variety and artistry in your shots.
  • Go for the eyes: An infant’s eyes reflect purity and innocence like no other. If the infant is awake, make an effort to engage and pull out expressions.
  • Be gentle. Be quiet. Smile. Tickle the baby. Talk to the baby. Laugh together. If you connect, you will be able to pull out emotion from the eyes of this little person in ways you didn’t know were possible.

Make a collage of the best photos and upload it to the App. Write briefly about your feelings, your thoughts and your baby's mood while taking pictures.

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