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Photos with granny and grandpa

under 9 months

Don’t worry if you’re not a professional photographer! We have a few tips for taking beautiful photos of your baby with their relatives.

Babies are naturally just adorable, so it won’t take much to snap a cute picture of the — all they have to do is show their toothless smile, and flash their bright eyes. Now, your job will be to capture their cuteness, even if you’ve got pretty limited camera skills. Not to worry! These tried and true techniques will have you shooting like a pro without shelling out money for a professional photographer, or equipment. And you don’t need a pricey camera to get priceless results, either — just grab whatever camera you’ve got (even your smartphone)!

Faces are a great thing to focus on, but capturing little details in your portrait will create sweet memories, too. Make sure to zoom in on little things like the little, curly hairs they’re starting to grow out of their head, their tiny, little hands, that Buddha belly and crazy-cute belly button. Camera phones normally aren’t great at getting this up close and personal, but even without a zoom lens you can take pictures that highlight your baby’s feet, their profile, their nose, everything! That’s the sweet stuff you won’t want to forget as your bundle gets bigger.

Upload to the App the best pictures of the little one with granny and grandpa, ask them to add some words about their feelings with the baby.

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