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Develop coordination

Develop coordination

5 to 8 years

A child's physical coordination will ultimately have a bearing on his skill level in sports, academic performance and even attitudes about school and education.That's why it is important for kids to have structured games and activities throughout the day that present coordination exercises. With your help, your child can work on developing coordination skills that can help him throughout his life.

Learning to walk in a straight line can help children learn about balance and walking with one foot in front of the other. 

You can use a balance beam, but for smaller children, head outside and draw a line along your driveway with sidewalk chalk. 

Challenge your child to walk along the line without falling off. When they master it, draw a matching line parallel to the first, and challenge them to a race.

Giving your child a target to hit with a beanbag makes for a fun learning activity and helps hone their coordination skills. 

Set up a variety of wastepaper baskets. Start with one fairly close, and place others farther away so it takes more coordination to throw the beanbag into the baskets. 

Have your child stand behind a line that you've made with masking tape, sidewalk chalk or a broomstick and challenge them to get the beanbag in each basket at least once.

Make photos of your active games with the little one, upload to the App. Write about his/her favorite games.

как развивать у ребенка ловкость и координацию движений

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