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Enjoy winter walking

Enjoy winter walking

5 to 8 years

Winter Holidays are perfect for spending time with family - walking, talking, playing, visiting friends, etc.
Offer your family members to go for a walk!

You can arrange lots of fun outdoor activities:

  • go skating or skiing;
  • make snowmen;
  • build snow castles and dig holes in the snow;
  • roll in the snow and make "snow angels";
  • draw¬†footstep patterns;
  • measure the depth of snow drifts;
  • climb the snowy mountains;
  • knock down icicles;
  • clean paths with shovel;
  • enjoy the falling snow and view the snowflakes;
  • play snowballs;
  • feed birds and squirrels;
  • arrange a picnic with hot herbal tea and sandwiches, etc.

Merry Christmas!

Make photos of these fun days, upload to the App. Write briefly about the winter outdoor games and your kid's impressions.

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