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A cup for your baby

A cup for your baby

8 months

Your little one is grown up enough to have his/her own personal cup!
Let your baby learn to drink from a cup. To do this just sit at the table, take your baby up. Place a small plastic cup next to the little one.
The cup should be light and bright, preferably with two handles. Pour some warm water into the cup.
Tell your baby: "Oh, what a pretty cup!", take it as if you are going to drink water from the cup. Smack your lips and say: "What tasty tea!".
Offer your baby to have a drink from the cup. Let him/her hold the cup independently. Help the little one if needed, holding the cup slightly.
Cheer your baby on, explain your and his/her actions.

NB! The cup for your baby should be light and small. Pour only 1-2 teaspoons of water, so that your baby can't choke.

Make photos of your baby drinking from the cup, upload to the App. Write about your little one's new skills.

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