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At a younger age, children tend to imitate everything their parents do. This is how the first and simplest skills appear in children, and later - and more complex: kids learn to walk, talk, use different objects and perform various actions. This process lasts a lifetime, and each person receives and improves thousands of skills and abilities. And now, taking care of your baby and reading this article, you work on your skills for raising children.

The formation of skills in children is closely related to intellectual, emotional and physical development. Therefore, the appearance of many skills should not be expected before a certain age. This means that the child's skills in the first year - for example, the ability to take their first steps or eat with a fork - is unlikely for a six-month-old. At the same time, it is important that in each specific period the child has the necessary set of skills appropriate for their age.Parents should especially monitor the physical, motor skills of the child, the formation of communication skills of children, the hygienic skills of children and especially what the baby is able to do up to a year in age.

Skills and capabilities of children determine their ability to communicate, interact with different objects of the surrounding world, and also affect their sense of self-confidence, and possibility of good socialization. Communicative skills of children begin to develop long before their first conscious words, and hygienic skills - before their first independent attempt at using the bathroom or washing themselves.

Social skills and self-service skills in children are especially important for 2-3 year olds, when the baby is preparing for preschool. They determine its readiness for new social interactions and objective assessments of abilities from peers and educators.

Many skills gradually become habits. The kid learns how to wash their hands before meals or after a walk, and after a while already begins to feel an automatic need for it. The most effective way to learn the correct and regular execution of any action is a game. For example, to instill a child's dental habits, go through the "Clean the teeth correctly" quest in the Wachanga application courses.

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