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Play with beans

from 1 year 6 months to 3 years

Your little one will surely like this sensory game!

You'll need:

  •  a package of large beans;
  • plastic cups of various sizes;
  • a spoon, a funnel, plastic bottles, etc.;
  • a thin carpet or a blanket.

Lay the blanket on the floor and put the beans on it. Now you can play with the beans, pouring them to the plastic cups with hands, with a spoon, etc. 

  • You can take the plastic bottles and the funnel and fill the bottles with the beans! Or fill the bottles, taking the beans one by one with fingers and throw them through the narrow neck.
  • You can just touch, rumple and throw them!
  • You can put the beans from one cup to another with hands and with a spoon.
  • You can also feed the teddy bear, etc.

Be creative and play with your little one!

Make photos of the process, upload to the App. Write about your ideas of playing with the beans and whether you both liked this funny game.

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