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Eye fixing

1 month

Even before your baby is born, their eyes are developed enough to tell the difference between light and dark. But beyond that, your baby’s eyes have an enormous amount of developing to do before they are considered fully mature.

At this stage your baby's eyes may appear occasionally cross-eyed as they don’t have full control of their muscles and so their eyes may lag behind for a moment when he moves their head.

He/she is able to focus on contrasting bright colours better than on pale colours - So, use bright objects to help your little one train their eyes!

By 2 months your baby will be able to follow moving objects with their eyes – mobiles provide great entertainment at this stage. He/she will also begin to recognise familiar faces!

Make cute photos of your baby viewing bright toys, upload to the App. Write about his/her current skills to fix eyes and to follow moving objects.

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