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Little house on the water

3 to 5 years

Build a pretty playing area with your kid - he/she will definitely like it!You'll need:

  • constructor;
  • toys (cars, boats, men, figures of animals, etc.);
  • a basin with warm water;
  • stones;
  • blue blanket;
  • green towel;
  • houseplants.

Lay the green towel on the floor - it will be your play area.

Hang the blanket as if it were the sky.

Build a house using long piles of constructors.

Put it in the basin with water, decorate the bottom with stones.

Place the pots with plants in the playing area, making trees.

Add the appropriate toys - figures of animals, transport, people.

Your play area is ready!

Arrange some games in the house on the water with your kid.

Make photos of the process, upload to the App. Write whether your kid liked the idea.

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