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How to make a clown

How to make a clown

Making a paper clown will entertain your child and keep them busy, while also aiding development and creativity. Follow our step by step guide.

5 to 8 years

Make a funny clown with your child.

You will need:

  • disposable cardboard cup;
  • foam ball (for the head);
  • decorative eyes;
  • permanent markers;
  • multi-colored decorative pom-poms;
  • woolen threads (or ribbon);
  • scissors, glue gun.

  1. Turn the cup upside down, glue the foam ball on top.
  2. Glue decorative eyes and a pompom nose, draw a mouth with markers.
  3. Make a clown wig and buttons using the pom-poms.
  4. Make a bow out of woolen threads.

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Important! Observe safety precautions when working with a glue gun. Do not leave your child alone, explain to them that the glue is very hot and can burn them.

Our funny clown is ready, and you’re ready to play! Put on a circus show at home with clowns, trained tigers and bears. Involve all household members in your game, distribute roles to everyone. Build a circus arena using blocks or household items, turn on some silly music!

Take photos of your home circus show. Write about how it went, what your child’s favorite part was.

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