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Playing with a flashlight

from 9 months to 1 year 6 months

Arrange the magic game in the darkness for your little one - you both will surely like the experience!
You'll need:

  • a flashlight;
  • pieces of translucent fabric scraps of different colors.

At night before going to bed switch off the light, take your baby up or sit with him/her on a cot and switch on the flashlight.
Create a mysterious atmosphere with your facial expressions. You can even whisper instead of speaking aloud.
Light the things in your room one by one through the pieces of fabric, name the things and the colors of fabric, comment your actions.
Try to find together with the flashlight your baby's favorite toys.
Light the wall, your and your baby's palm.
Make photos of your night adventure, upload to the App. Write about the experience and your little one's impressions.

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