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Trivia games

Trivia games

5 to 8 years

Offer your kid and other family members to play trivia games - they will surely like it!

Playing guessing or trivia games helps to find out more about each other and get reacquainted with members they may have not seen in a while.

Draw up a trivia game with fun facts about family members.

You read a question, like "Whose favorite kind of sandwich is meatball?" - and all of the family members write down who they think it is.

Make sure to include a question for everyone, so no one feels left out. Or you can prepare cards with family member's names on them, hand them out and make everyone act like the family member that they have on their card. Everyone else guesses who they are supposed to be, like family charades.

Make photos of your family playing, upload to the App. Write briefly about the process and your impressions.

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