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Arrange your baby "a colored week"

Arrange your baby "a colored week"

from 9 months to 1 year 6 months

Learn all the colors of the rainbow with your baby!

Every day of the week you will learn one color:

  • Monday - red;
  • Tuesday - orange;
  • Wednesday - yellow;
  • Thursday - green;
  • Friday - blue;
  • Saturday - indigo;
  • Sunday - violet.

Every day of the week try to use toys, clothes, utensils, etc. of the color you are learning.Thus, on Wednesday you will play only with yellow toys (other toys should be removed), while feeding you will use yellow dishes, put on your little one yellow socks and a T-shirt.

You can even go for a walk to catch a yellow bus!

Зеленые вещи из игры цветной недельки занятия для малыша

On Thursday: view with your baby green pictures, play with green toys, wear green clothes, wash hands with green soap, eat green broccoli puree, etc.

On Friday: view blue pictures, play with blue toys, go to the river, admire the blue sky, paint with blue finger paints, etc.

Игрушки для игр в "синий" день цветной недельки

Make photos of baby and upload a collage of the best ones to the App. Add some words about your impressions!

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