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Make a picture with finger paints

Make a picture with finger paints

from 9 months to 1 year 6 months

Finger painting may seem like an activity for older kids, but you can actually introduce it to your child a lot sooner than you think. You can have your baby join in the activity, too - not to mention it’s great to do while your baby is still spending a lot of time on their tummy! Finger painting is a fabulous, fun, messy, crazy art experiment that actually offers many benefits for your child’s development!

Not only is finger painting loads of fun, it is also an excellent feeling (kinaesthetic) experience and is fantastic for the development of all the big and small muscles in your growing child’s fingers, arms, shoulders, neck and back. Finger painting is wonderful for the development of colour recognition, experimenting with colours and colour mixing and is terrific for developing creativity skills and simple cause and effect thinking skills.

Yes, it’s definitely messy! But there is a bright side- this kind of messy play is actually crucial for a child’s sensory development. Messy activities such as these provide an important foundation for your child’s development; sensory experiences, muscle and brain growth – all of which prepares them for success, not just in learning, but using logic and becoming a better problem solver.

By ensuring finger painting is done in an area that is easily cleaned, with the right type of non-toxic paint and appropriate clothing (or lack thereof!), the benefits definitely outweigh the clean-up effort!

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The Finger Paint

Make sure that finger paints that you use for babies and children are non-toxic orally, and non-irritating for their skin. There are a lot of recipes and ideas for edible and non-toxic finger paint you can find online. We have included a few of our favourites below. Whichever paint you use, finger paint works best if it is thick – think of the consistency of pudding.

We suggest to only use red, blue and yellow. Your child will make the other colours as these primary colours are mixed. Just place large dobs of the paint in the middle of the surface your little one is using. The less they are wearing, the better to avoid making a huge mess- so, if it’s warm outside, consider removing some clothes, or putting on something you don’t mind getting messy. It’s also a good idea to make sure the clothes are loose-fitting. This is not only easier for cleaning and washing, this also allows for more freedom of movement. Make sure sleeves are rolled up and it isn’t so large your child is tripping over it.

Keeping Copies of the Artwork

Finger painting is a fantastic tummy time activity for babies. For babies who have not yet been introduced to other foods, you can introduce finger painting, mess free, by placing some finger paint inside a large, sealed, zip lock bag. Place the bag on the floor in front of your baby so they can push on, squish and mix the paint around inside.

If you would like to save a print of any masterpieces created, whether on the floor, high chair, window or table, you will need to be quick and have paper ready. Absorbent paper, such as butcher’s paper, is best. While the paint is still wet, lay the paper on top of the artwork, press firmly with your hands all over, peel off and hang up to dry. Note: edible finger paint will not produce pictures you can keep.

So, all in all not a bad idea to get in the mood for a mess and give this fabulous activity for your little ones a go!

Make photos of your happy baby making messy and upload the collage to the App! Add some words about your little one's impressions! 

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