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Bracelet of a scrunchy

5 months

How about making a cool development bracelet for your baby?

You can make this toy in no time -  and your little one is going to love playing with it. It's perfect for developing visual-motor coordination and sensory sensitivity.

You'll need:

  • large soft scrunchy (so that you could easily put it on the wrist of the baby);
  • big bright buttons of different colors;
  • scissors;
  • thread, needle.

Sew the large buttons onto the scrunchy very tightly. 

Put it on your little one's wrist.

Get your baby's attention on the scrunchy, let him/her explore it, touching and looking.

Then put the bracelet on the little one's other wrist. 

All the buttons must be sewn tightly! Don't leave your baby alone while playing with the bracelet. Check the buttons when you give the bracelet to the baby.

Make photos of your little one exploring their new development craft, upload to the App. Write how he/she reacted to the bracelet.

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