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Jar of Ribbons

Jar of Ribbons

Educational baby toys can be made at home using scrap material. Follow our instructions.

from 9 months to 1 year 6 months

Make an educational toy for your baby - a jar of ribbons.

You will need:

  • transparent plastic jar with a lid;
  • multi-colored ribbons;
  • scissors, awl.

  1. Punch a few holes in the lid (this can be done with an ordinary nail and pliers: put the nail over a fire source, warm it up, clamp the hot nail with pliers and punch holes in the lid).
  2. Pass the ribbons through the holes, tie knots at the ends of the ribbons.
  3. Slide the ribbons into the jar and close the lid. Your educational toy is ready!

Activity picture for Jar of Ribbons in Wachanga

Give the jar to your kid, show them how to pull the ribbons out of it. Also, this toy will help the child learn colors, counting, etc. (it all depends on which ribbons you use).

Take a picture of your baby during the game, upload the photo to the application. Briefly write about whether they liked their new toy.

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