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Help your baby learn to roll from back to tummy!

4 months

The age your baby will learn to roll over varies from person to person. It makes sense, since rolling takes a lot of coordination and the use of different, undeveloped muscles, and every baby begins to develop these at different times. But no matter their age, rolling over means that you have some baby-proofing to do around the house! If your baby is beginning is comfortable on the floor, but looks uncomfortable being mobile, you can gently help your baby roll over and learn how to move around independently for the first time ever.

  • Lay your baby on the floor daily while on their belly for tummy time. This is a way for your baby to become comfortable with using their neck muscles to keep their head up. Make tummy time fun and relaxing, so your baby associates it with something positive and encourages them to spend time on their belly.
  • Place a blanket on the floor and place your baby on top with the left side of their body on the left edge of the blanket. Let them get comfortable with this new position and make sure that they can hold their head up for a few seconds at a time. If they can’t quite yet, they’re probably not ready to roll.
  • Position a rattle or toy just out of your baby's reach. Shake it and play with it before putting it on the floor. See if your baby reaches out for the toy, and how much effort they put into to shift positions. They may stick their arm out and feel uncomfortable changing positions.
  • Gather the right side of the blanket in your hand. As your baby reaches for the toy, lift the edge of the blanket so your baby's right side is slightly lifted in the air with the blanket securely underneath them. Only lift them up very slightly, no more than an inch to start. Now, gauge your baby’s reaction to the new position; Are they becoming upset? If so, gently lower the side and comfort and encourage them for trying. You want it to be a positive experience for them, and to feel like they will be safe no matter what..
  • Lift the edge of the blanket carefully, cradling their body. Place one hand on their tummy, and as you lift the edge of the blanket, use your hand to steady their position. Now lift the blanket high enough to roll them onto their back -- still keeping your hand securely on them. Make sure that the toy is well within reach and hopefully they will start to realize that rolling over helped them change positions and move. Add the blanket roll to their tummy time each day until they are able to roll over on their own.

Some babies don't enjoy tummy time; if your baby fusses and cries, don't force it. Wait until your baby is relaxed and happy so to make it the best experience possible.

Make a photo of your baby trying to roll from back to tummy and upload to the App. Add some words about the process and your attempts to help your little one.

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