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Build the airport with your kid

from 1 year 6 months to 3 years

Your little one will surely like this role play game!

You'll need:

  • constructor and / or cubes;
  • animal figurines, dolls;
  • toy airplanes, cars, etc.

Build the airport building, a cash desk, a waiting room, a buffet, etc. out of constructor and cubes.

Use various appropriate materials you can find at home to build it - boxes, corks, clock, domino stones, counting sticks, buttons, etc. Be creative, let your little one use his/her imagination and ingenuity.

If you don't have toy airplanes, just make them - fold of paper, glue or craft of plastic bottles.

When the playing area is ready, arrange various games - show your kid the aerobatic manoeuvres, invite passengers to board the plane, fly to the desert island, buy tickets, have a cup of coffee in the airport buffet.

Role playing is beneficial for your kid's social skills. The little one will also improve his/her passive vocabulary.

Make photos of your kid at the airport playing area, upload to the App. Write about the games you arrange there and the little one's impressions.

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