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Go to an amusement park with your kid

5 to 8 years

Regardless of how young or old your children are, this will make a great event to add to your series of memorable summer activities!

Plan your route. You will get a map when you arrive. If you’re traveling with young kids, however, look over a map before you visit the park. You can save time and see more attractions by routing out your course for the day before arriving at the park.

Wear sunscreen. Even if it’s not hot, take your sunscreen. You’ll be outside for a lot of the day.

Bring drinks and snacks. Check out the park’s policy in advance. Some will allow you to bring food and drink (and if you pack a lunch, most parks will have lockers you can rent so you’re not carrying your food around). Amusement park food is expensive…if you can bring your own snacks and drinks, it's the best way out!

Make everyone wear a hat. Don't wear black clothes under the intense sun.

Bring a big ziplock bag for valuables that you want to keep on you, but don’t want to get wet. If you’ll be going on any rides that have water, you’ll want to keep your wallet and phone and camera dry!

Check out the park’s “Fast Pass” options. Most parks give you the chance to check in early for a ride…basically, you get a ticket that tells you when to return. You come back during the allotted time and wait in a much shorter line for your ride.

Finally, write your name and number somewhere on your child so that if they get lost, an employee will be able to find you.

Swings and roundabouts are not only fun, they develop the vestibular system and train the nervous system.

Make photo of your happy kid in the amusement park and upload to the App. Add some words about your impressions on the trip!

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