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Real things vs toys

9 months

Does your baby neglect their toys and take your things to play with?  - brushes, a kitchen spoon, a dustpan, a broom? - Don't worry, you are not alone!

Babies and toddlers are fond of "real things" the adults "play with"!

Your baby probably wishes to take part in your everyday affairs - wash vegetables, sweep, put clothes away in a wardrobe... - so, let the little one help you!

Indeed, housework will take more time with the baby, but later you'll be able to ask the baby for help!

Just let the baby explore one potato while you are cutting the others - it will entertain him/her. Or give the baby your cream tube when you put the cream on your face.

Be sure to give your little one only safe things! Don't leave your baby alone when he/she is playing with the objects not designed for little kids!

Make photos of your baby playing with "real things", upload to the App. Write briefly about the experience.

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