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Teach your kids to be polite

Teach your kids to be polite

5 to 8 years

Teaching manners gives kids a life filled with greater appreciation for themselves and others when they grow up with appropriate manners and respect for themselves and those around them. This all begins with the basics of teaching kids to be polite from a young age.

First of all, you should be the first role model for your kids. Screaming at kids teaches them to scream, demonstrating your bad temper teaches them to to become hysterical and create scandals.

Always say "Thank you" and "Please", when you are dealing with your little one. Show them the right way of behaving during disputes, apologize if you're wrong.

Set appropriate boundaries and expectations for polite behavior. Understand that kids need to be told which polite behaviors are expected of them. In some homes, a phone call to say thank you for a birthday present is enough. In others an email or a personal note is expected.

Teach kids to walk away from people and situations that are not showing polite behavior to them in return. By allowing them to stop impolite behavior that's directed towards them, they learn an important lesson about self-care and self-respect.

Make photos of your kid dealing with other family members or friends, upload to the App. Write about the good manners you are teaching your kid.

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