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Cup Snowmen

Cup Snowmen

How do you make a snowman from cups with your own hands? Step-by-step instructions will help you and your child make wonderful treasures and gifts for family members.

3 to 5 years

Winter outdoor activities are favorites for the whole family. And how we all love to make snowmen! These cheerful New Year characters can be made at home from scrap material.

You will need:

  • disposable cardboard cups;
  • foam balls;
  • glue gun;
  • decorative pom-poms (small and large);
  • decorative eyes;
  • Pipe cleaners;
  • felt;
  • Modeling clay, for decorating;
  • black permanent marker;
  • scissors.

  1. Turn the cup upside down, glue a ball to the bottom - now you’ve got a snowman.
  2. Glue decorative eyes, button-pom-poms, a nose-carrot (mold it in advance using the modeling clay), make ear muffs using pipe cleaners and large pom-poms.
  3. Draw a mouth on the stick with a marker.
  4. Cut a scarf out of your felt for the snowman.

Activity picture for Cup Snowmen in Wachanga
Activity picture for Cup Snowmen in Wachanga

Make several different snowmen, you can have a whole snowman family that represents all your family members. Now you can play with them or put them under the Christmas tree. These types of crafts can make wonderful gifts for friends and family.

Important! When working with a glue gun, observe safety precautions: do not leave your child alone, tell them that the glue is very hot and they can get burned.

Take pictures of the crafts. Write about the process of creating them.

Wachanga encourages you to strictly follow all the recommendations and rules that are in effect in your area to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection, COVID-19. Please stay at home whenever possible!

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