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Interesting applique

Interesting applique

How do you make an applique made of paper and other materials with a child? Follow our step-by-step instructions, and your kid will get a wonderful and original craft.

3 to 5 years

Entertain your child with the creation of a beautiful applique. The craft will be more interesting if you use different materials.

You will need:

  • watercolor paper;
  • colored paper / cardboard;
  • old glossy magazines;
  • scissors, glue stick;
  • watercolor paints, white gouache;
  • brush, jar of water;
  • old newspapers or oilcloth for the table.

  1. Make a background for the applique. To do this, wet a sheet of paper with water (right under the tap), gently shake off excess water, and while the paper is wet, paint the sheet with watercolors - blue, purple and blue. You can paint the evening sky, then use yellow, orange, red and burgundy paints.
  2. Cut out mountains from colored cardboard and paste them on the background of the picture, paint the tops with white gouache.
  3. Cut out applique details from magazines - pretty pictures of houses, trees, flowers, grass, and so on. Pictures can be cut or torn off if your little one is still hesitant about using scissors.
  4. Stick the prepared parts onto the base of the applique.

Activity picture for Interesting applique in Wachanga
Activity picture for Interesting applique in Wachanga
Activity picture for Interesting applique in Wachanga

Fulfilling this creative task, your child will learn to combine different medians in one piece - paper, cardboard, magazine clippings, practice using scissors, and master the watercolor painting technique “wet surface”. Also, this lesson will contribute to the development of accuracy, perseverance, intellectual abilities and creativity.

You can use not only paper and cardboard, but also fabric, colored polyethylene, foil, buttons, strings, and so on. In general, anything that you find at home can be used.

Take a photo of the applique. Write a little about what material your child enjoyed working with the most.

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